09 - Innovation Lab - ODIQ v1.0

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5. 'Google Maps Data could replace sensors, to measure traffic pressure.' The Google statistics of average speeds had a deviation of only 5 to 10% compared to the speed measured via traditional sensors. That means a deviation of up to 5 km per hour at an average speed of 50 km per hour Source; TNO.nl


3. Getting insights helps to Check the cause of the congestion Get an idea of “normal” travel times and extraordinary travel times Learn where the exact location of the congestion is See what effect cross - border roads have on the mobility of your city Visualize if KPIs are being achieved or not Know exactly what the differences are between mid - week or during the weekends

4. W hich data? - All Google Maps users (2 billion active users each day) - All waze users - All Android devices (in Europe 80% owns an Android device) - GDPR Proofed

6. W hich custom ers? - Government - States, cities & countries - Airports / public transportation (train, bus companies) - Traffic management companies - Roadwork companies (road infrastructure - All companies who’s doing in mobility


8. Benefits of ODIQ More efficient than roadside hardware Getting information immediately Easy accessible analytics Works in 100+ countries Availability to monitor across borders Supports Traffic Management Unique source of data


10. W hat data w ill ODIQ give you? Monitored data: Real Travel Time Delay Effective speed Historical data MORE INFO

1. ODIQ Gain be tte r insights with Floating Car Data from Google Maps & Waze

11. ODIQ Key Features 04

12. 1. Sp e c tro g ra m ODIQ Street View helps to figure out where the delay occurs a nd to le a rn m o re about the surroundings of this congestion p o in t .

13. 3. Line graph ODIQ Co m p a re d iffe re nt routes on one s p e c ific d a t e . In t h is example, the travel tim e s of the 3 different routes are b e in g v is u a liz e d .


18. ‘Exporting Data’ - Data can be exported manual or automatic. - Data can be shown on smart boards (example photo). - Data export can be PDF, EXCEL or through an API Signal function can be delivered as an API

19. ‘Alerting’ - Alerts can be set to warn the administrator Example - 10 minutes delay time reached Solution - Delay time shown on text car - Give alternative route - Sms or prompt to executer

21. ‘Dashboard’ - Inform travellers through ‘Dashboard’ functionality - Dashboards can be used in train stations, bus stops, city halls. - Information is real time

22. ‘Crossroads analysis’ - Are traffic lights well adjusted? - What causes the traffic jam at the traffic lights? - This data can be used to adjust traffic lights or used in other systems.

23. Thanks for your attention. Interested? Or in case you have any questions go to: www.localyse.eu/odiq dimitri.arts@localyse.eu

16. ‘The short cut’ Ho m e - and company - owners often ‘feel’ the side effects of a change in a traffic situation, as cut through traffic increases. Monitoring the trave l tim e and receiving an alert from ODIQ when it gets too high, enables the timely p o s it io n in g o f m e a s u re s t h a t increase traffic flow. ‘After a toll road was realized near Sydney Australia, the adjacent route experienced strong cut through traffic.’

17. ‘The 10 minute rule’ International airport Schiphol has a Key Performance Indicator; keep within 10 minutes from the highway t o t h e S c h ip h o l ‘Kis s & Rid e ’. ODIQ m onitors this KPI for the m ‘Now we don’t need expensive roadside hardware anymore’ 19:34 Real t ravel t im e: 9:13

15. ‘Before and after’ Being able to compare before - and a fte r - s it u a t io n s c a n d e t e rm in e if a change was successful and if budget w a s w e ll s p e n t. ODIQ compares the ‘Best Guess’ data with ‘Real Time’ data to show the before - and after - s it u a t io n . “Now we can measure how the new roundabout really helps reducing on congestion” - Sander Buningh BAM in fra MORE INFO

20. ‘Tim elap s’ - Many different routes can be monitored at the same time. How is traffic during the day → visible with ‘Timelaps’ Can be shown as Travel Speed & Delay Time.


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