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4. of city data is analysed and used for decision - making, meaning 88% is unused! BUT less than 12%

1. RETHINKING POLICY Smart city mobility

11. PoliVisu.eu Review meeting 1 11

2. PoliVisu.eu Review meeting 1 Project & partners 2

3. 90% More data created in past 2 years than just about all of history Sensor devices by 2020, each generating data... 50bn 2 PB BIG DATA ENABLES TRANSFORMATION... Petabytes of data per year generated by average transport needs

8. PoliVisu.eu Review meeting 1 Challenges - Innovative data driven policy making 8

19. PoliVisu.eu Review meeting 1 Smart Traffic Volume visualisation 19

20. PoliVisu.eu Review meeting 1 Demo of Traffic modelling 20

23. PoliVisu.eu Review meeting 1 23

9. PoliVisu.eu Review meeting 1 PoliVisu eu Review meeting 1 Ghent Pilot Bart Rosseau (Gent) Joran Van Daele (Gent) 9

27. PoliVisu.eu Review meeting 1 commercial was broadcasted on the main radio networks from 5 th till 25 th February. 27

31. PoliVisu.eu Review meeting 1 ANPR Data at Mechelen 31

12. PoliVisu.eu Review meeting 1 PoliVisu eu Review meeting 1 Issy Pilot Matteo Satta (Issy Media) 12

26. PoliVisu.eu Review meeting 1 VSV media campaign Last Night a DJ Saved my life VSV: Flemish Foundation for Traffic Science Keep distance > 2 seconds anonymised ANPR data: only timestamps 26

34. PoliVisu.eu Review meeting 1 https://www.polivisu.eu/ & https://policyvisuals.eu/ More information about PoliVisu 34

21. PoliVisu.eu Review meeting 1 PoliVisu eu Review meeting 1 Flanders Traffic safety & accidents Lieven Raes (AIV) Gert Vervaet (AIV) Geert Vanstraelen (MACQ) 21

28. PoliVisu.eu Review meeting 1 PoliVisu eu Review meeting 1 Mechelen Mobility management using ANPR cameras Lieven Raes (AIV) Dimitri Van Baelen (Mechelen) 28

32. PoliVisu.eu Review meeting 1 PoliVisu eu Review meeting 1 Conclusions & Project info 32

16. PoliVisu.eu Review meeting 1 PoliVisu eu Review meeting 1 Pilsen Pilot Stanislav Štangl (SITMP) Karel Jedlička (P4A) Jiri Bouchal (INCO) Jan Martolos (EDIP) 16

6. POLIVISU CHANGES THE GAME WITH ADVANCED ANALYTICS & VISUALISATIONS • Creates one version of the truth using city data • Allows policy experimentation with rapid impact assessment • Facilitates collaborative decision making unlocking talent and voice of stakeholders ...Its not just technology - it’s a NEW approach / mindset / way of thinking ! 6

15. PoliVisu.eu Review meeting 1 Visualisation Traffic - Congestion - Hot points - polygons and details Analysis of existing policies Other transport means - Parking - Carpooling - Buses A communication strategy Improvement/design of policies 15

33. PoliVisu.eu Review meeting 1 ■ Smart cities & decision making will be more and more data - driven ■ Importance of policies based on reliable data and information must lead to knowledge (evidence) based decision making to enhance quality and trust ■ Interaction with citizens (data - based tools for co - creation) ■ Importance of ethical use of information (use of anonymised ANPR data for traffic management as a good example) Conslusions

22. PoliVisu.eu Review meeting 1 Flanders - Traffic safety and accidents ■ Problem: Flanders scores less than EU average concerning traffic safety ■ Goal: Max 133 deadly injured and 1000 severely wounded persons in 2030 ■ Actions: Getting a clear view of unsafe locations & effective awareness actions ■ Data: Qualitative accident data geo - time series, speed control locations and zones, detailed traffic data (speed, distance,...) ■ Visualisations: Dynamic accident and traffic safety map, detailed graphs ■ Next steps: Testing the existing map, map extension with relevant datasets, integrating ANPR based histograms (speed, distance) 22

25. Flanders accident map Black traffic safety spots The second largest city in Flanders Ghent is also the city with the highest student population. Some well - known locations show up a high number of accidents. The very complex Dampoort crossing , east of the city centre, with a high number of accidents spread over the large crossing. Flanders accident map Flanders accident map Another example is the Heuvelpoort crossing located in the south of the city ring road in the middle of an important student area. More information about the black spots can be found here on the website of the Flemish road administration. https://wegenenverkeer. be/sites/awv/files/files/20 18 - dynamische - lijst%202018.pdf Story telling with data

10. PoliVisu.eu Review meeting 1 Most important student city in Flanders Based on evaluation of other policy domains: - Housing : exploding house prices - Mobility : introduction of new mobility plan in 2017 - Economy : disappearing of neighbourhood shops What is the impact of (high school)students? Decision/policymakers need reliable datasources to get better information on student housing, their mobility and economic behaviour. Student impact policy 10

14. PoliVisu.eu Review meeting 1 Problem We Handle Targets ● Understand (in detail) traffic ● Evaluate existing policies impact ● Help citizens to improve behaviours Grand Paris metro project ● Big yards and roadworks ● Situation is not clear ● Risk of (more) congestion ● Various a c tors involved 14

29. PoliVisu.eu Review meeting 1 ■ Intro: 65km² and 86.000 inhabitants ■ Problem: Congested region close to Antwerp and Brussels ■ Goal: Managing city growth without negative effects of transport ■ Actions: ♦ Better understanding of traffic origin/destination ♦ mobility management of traffic related events (public works, events, land use) Mechelen - Mobility management using ANPR 29

13. PoliVisu.eu Review meeting 1 Introduction Paris Region Digital Pole ● Population: 70.000 ● Employees: 70.000 ● Companies over 50 employees: 150 ● Companies in ICT: 180 Some mobility facts ● Economic vitality ● Residents have a limited use of car (27%) ● Congestion is due to transit/companies ● Many public transports ● Data is disaggregated 13

24. Accidents during the morning and evening rush hour The morning and evening peak during weekdays are statistically the moments with the highest number of accidents . Cyclists and pedestrians are also most at risk during this period. Especially young road users on their way to school need special attention. By adding the school locations , you can find out where are accident low or free roads to go to school. In the blue panel below you can differentiate between the morning and evening peak and the involved vulnerable road user categories as cyclists and pedestrians. Flanders accident map Flanders accident map Show the schools (evt. Incl legend per type school) Map selections Starting points - Selection (morning & evening) - MO/FRI (7:00 - 9:00) & (15:00 - 19:00) - Pedestrians and cyclists around schools - School datalayer is on Other selections - When selecting cyclists and pedestrians, the total of cyclists and pedestrians must be shown on the map and not the intersection. Select yourself Evening peak V V Morning peak Pedestrians V Cyclists V Period (Monday - Friday) Vulnerable road users Story telling with data

30. PoliVisu.eu Review meeting 1 ■ Goal: Prediction of the direct effects of planned road works on the city ■ Data: ♦ ANPR camera data (160+ ANPR cameras installed) ♦ Flanders traffic model ♦ API with future public works and events, traffic generating locations (GIPOD) ♦ (extended with air quality & noise data models - digital Twin/IMEC) ■ Visualisations: Dynamic map / Spark traffic modeller ■ Next steps: ♦ ANPR acquisition - hashing/formatting ♦ Flemish traffic model & spark traffic modelling alignment ♦ GIPOD API integration, user testing Mechelen - Mobility management using ANPR 30

17. PoliVisu eu Review meeting 1 ■ Intense transport ■ Residential areas in the north ■ Industry in the south ■ Everyday congestions in rush hours Problem We Handle Approved Policies ■ Sustainable Mobility Plan (SMP) ♦ 82 city mobility measures ♦ Mobility plan to 2025 Roadworks, Closures, measures of SMP without possibility to simulate the impacts New roads Reconstruction of roads and bridges Paid parking zone New tram line Vehicles 55 mil. / month Americká crossroads 913 000 / month N - S: 2200 / 6 - 7 a.m. S - N: 2700 / 14 - 16 p.m. 17

18. PoliVisu eu Review meeting 1 ■ PoliVisu creates tools/visualisations for ♦ better planning and coordination of road works ♦ identification of problematic localities in transport ♦ verification of the impacts of the measures ♦ simulation of new infrastructure impacts ♦ service to the public - current and predicted traffic ♦ cloud - based recalculation of the traffic model PoliVisu - Solutions ■ SITMP role : development of tools to ■ help in policy making in traffic ■ improve the traffic situation 18


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