Join Macq Partner Program!


                  MACQ is a pioneer in the field of Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS), and one of the market leaders in ANPR technology.

                  In the last five years, the global intelligent transportation system (ITS) market observed a substantial growth and is further expected to grow at 11%.

                  The MACQ partner program is aimed at all MACQ distributors' dealers, solution providers, and integrators in the field of ANPR technology and other Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS).

                  The MACQ partner program qualifies the sales partners and gives them the needed support to promote MACQ products and to improve the quality of the service provided by the partner to its customers.


                  MACQ provides you as the partner with the best possible support for ensuring the successful sale of MACQ ANPR products, whether an "out-of-the-box" merchandise or as part of a technical solution.

                  This support is made up of the following areas:

                  Up-to-date information:
                  As a partner, you will be the first to receive information about MACQ product innovations.

                  MACQ offers training courses at your request at the Brussels Headquarters in order to qualify the partners. These training courses vary from basic to advanced seminars and are modular in structure, providing "newcomers" with the expertise they will need and more experienced technicians the advanced product information and features.

                  Sales support:
                  As a MACQ partner, you will receive sales support from us in the form of pre-sales services via our telephone hotline and, depending on the size of the project, on-the-spot assistance from our sales professionals as well. We will also provide you with marketing and sales material, including data sheets, concept brochures, demo CDs and case studies. For MACQ partners attending exhibitions where MACQ products will be displayed, where previously agreed, our sales professionals will be able to help as stand personnel.

                  Technical support:
                  As a MACQ partner, you will receive support via our telephone hotline. By prior agreement you will also be able to make use of our engineers on site for particularly challenging projects.

                  Publicity and generation of enquiries:
                  As a certified partner, we will pass you any enquiries from interested parties in your area, and you will be recommended to end customers by our Sales department. MACQ partnership will entitle you to mention your MACQ partner status on your website and in your correspondence. As a MACQ partner, your contact details will also be added to MACQ website.

                  THE PARTNERSHIP LEVELS

                  The MACQ partner program distinguishes between three levels of partners:
                  · Registered MACQ Partner,
                  · Certified MACQ Partner,
                  · Advanced MACQ Partner.

                  These can be IT companies, System Integrators, Installers or companies with relevant technical knowledge in Intelligent Transport Systems applications. MACQ makes this classification on the basis of demonstrated qualifications. There is no legal right to be included in any particular group.

                  For more information please contact