Macq Mobility Management (M³)

M³ is an innovative dedicated software suite aimed at Smart Mobility:

  • Smart Mobility: managed by public authorities, traffic departments, car park operators and public transport companies.

  • Safety and protection: police managed road safety and protection of users

  • Informing citizens: mobility information available to all

M³ provides fast and accurate answers to all user categories.

Smart Mobility:

Mobility is an essential factor in a city's development. Numerous innovative cities take care of the health and well-being of their citizens through traffic restrictions.
  • Low Emission Zones
  • Smart parking
  • Policy for heavy goods vehicle access
  • Bus and taxi lane enforcement
  • Optimisation of traffic light managment
  • Traffic jam detection
  • Access control
  • Vehicle counting and classification
  • Journey time
  • Development of origin/destination matrixes

Safety and protection:

Automatic identification and recording of all vehicles and having the possibilty to run powerful searches on a huge data base are the two basic functions required in enforcing traffic rules and improving the feeling of security among citizens.
  • Access authorisation management (reserved areas) Surveillance and alerts for wanted vehicles
  • Average speed control,
  • driving in the opposite direction,
  • prohibition to overtake,
  • distance between vehicles
  • Detection of over-sized vehicles in tunnels
  • Detection of vehicles trasporting hazardous materials (ADR) in tunnels
  • Easily compatible with any other system

Informing citizens:

Providing appropriate and useful information enhances user experience. Increased safety and mobility improve quality of life and M³ offers public authorities and actors in the field of mobility the means to accomplsh this.

M³ provides standard services in the form of modules. These are presented as tool boxes from which specific features are selected or added. Using open source software and a big data system M³ is very versatile, interacting with many third party systems through web services and big data connectors. M³ is an automated, fully integrated solution, easy to maintain and reliable on technologies which have withstood the test of time and which comply with both international and European standards.