Industrialisation and production of connected systems

However far you have come in product development, we can support you through:
Technical file preparation
  • Product definition recommendations
  • Adapting plans to processes
  • Product specifications
  • Selecting suppliers and components
Development of product components
  • Tool implementation and management, test benches
  • Component qualification

of connected systems:

Whatever your field, we can support you thanks to our extensive track record.
Electronic cards
  • Management of suppliers for automatic and manual component assembly
  • Manufacturing with or without lead, with or without nitrogen
  • On site controls and functional testing
Product assembly (smart sensors...)
  • Third party supplier production following relevant quality standard. Traceability checks (down to component level if necessary)
  • Qualified staff
Local and international logistics
  • Import and export supply chain efficiency
  • Optional end client installation and implementation
You have already produced a prototype or you are still in the design phase... Contact us!