iCAR CAM Cameras

Captures vehicle license plate images in daylight and at night

  • User friendly: easy to install, intuitive user interface, secure access from any terminal

  • Multi-functional: iCAR cameras provide all the solutions needed for vehicle and traffic control.

  • Macq quality: our cameras operate 24/7 and are over 95% efficient. Storage and ecryption of data in the camera for more than 7 days.

License plate reader and traffic control system

User friendly:

  • iCAR cameras can be fitted easily everywhere, on bridges and gantries, in tunnels, or hung on poles. "
  • Installation and set-up of the camera is fast and accurate in any configuration: very straightforward.
  • Intuitive user interface with HD quality images accessible from any internet browser.
  • Easy to customise according to needs. Intuitive menu allows the user to activate or deactivate some twenty features provided.


  • List of available features:
    ANPR, ADR, instant speed, multi-lane analysis and lane vehicle tracking, traffic flow in both directions (detection of vehicles moving in the wrong direction), vehicle classification, context images, compressed flow video, nationality, camera angle measuremenets (base position and tilted), data encryption, transmission type.
  • Diagnosis:
    Correct functioning of the camera can be verified through the quality and rate of number plate recognition. Correct installation can be verified by checking the tilt of the camera in relation to optimal viewing placement.
  • Law enforcement security:
    The icar camera is the ideal device for enforcing road safety in multiple cases including average speed control, driving through a red light or crossing a closed level crossing.
  • One of the icar camera's big advantages is communication as it offers complex links between cameras and back-office giving importance to the quality of the the communication support, cost in use and the safety measures in question. Automatic updates, remote maintenance and other features become essential with the increase in the number of cameras.
  • M³ Back office :
    Cameras have multiple functions when they are connected to our M³ back-office. Each camera has a general function. One same camera can at the same time control vehicles driving through a red light, be part of an average speed control section, search suspect vehicles, develop Origin-Destination matrixes and identify high polluting vehicles with unauthorised access to specific cities...

Macq Quality:

  • High performance:
    Accurately identifies 95% of vehichle plates. Colour camera with HD streaming. Multi-tasking technology.Mobile or fixed. Multi-lane analysis.
  • Tested system:
    2-year guarantee with a possibilty of 5-year extension. Compliant with all current safety standards and legislation. Police certified.
  • Energy saving :
    Energy saving is one of our top priorities. We achieve this through low energy consumption cameras powered by solar energy panels or wind turbine and with low carbon footprint .
  • Innovative :
    Macq has been a pioneer in speed detection, automatic tolls, roadwork safety and integrated solutions for 20 years.