C-Mobile (Accelerating C-ITS Mobility Innovation and depLoyment in Europe)

The goal of the project is to create totally safe and efficient road transport with zero fatalaties and serious injuries on European roads with particular focus on complex urban zones and vulnerable users. We foresee congestion free mobility which is sustainable and economically viable with minimum impact on the environment from road transport. C-Mobile will serve as a basis for large scale deployment in Europe, and as a basis for implementing pilot research sites to sustainable service deployment sites managed by local authorities using a common approach which guarantees interoperability and transparent availabilty of the services at an acceptable cost for the end user.

This project has received validation number 723311 from the European programme for research and innovation (Horizon 2020)

In-depth traffic analysis using image and sound recognition

The goal of the project is to develop a new system for the recognition and analysis of image and sound whereby the make and model of the vehicle, its colour, sound, number plate recognition, speed and trajectory are combined to efficiently count and classify road users from buses to pedestrians, to lorries transporting dangerous and inflammable materials and electric scooters.

The system will consist of sensors (cameras and microphones) combined with software enabling real time vehicle identification and key data storage and transmission. The project will mainly involve urban areas with complex roundabout systems and mobility issues where identification based on number plate recognition is not sufficient.

"In-depth traffic analysis using image and sound recognition" is supported by the the Dutch province on North Brabant.

REVaMP² (Round-trip Engineering and VAriability Management Platform and Process)

The aim of REVaMP² is to design, develop and evaluate the first comprehensive automation tool-chain and associated executable process to support round-trip engineering of SIS Product (SIS PL).

REVaMP2 comes with a long term competitive cost and short term go to market challenges requiring more agile, round-trip engineering processes that better leverage existing software and provide more systematic and automated variability management. Examples of use coming from the field of energy, tourism, automobiles, traffic management and 3D computer view define the demands of REVaMP2 and evaluate the advantages of the new technology.

REVAMP² is a Europan project supported by the Brussels Capital region - Innoviris.


PoliVisu is a research and innovation project to upgrade the traditional cycle of public policy making using Big Data. Its main aim is to improve an open set of digital tools to leverage the data in order to help the decision making process in the public sector to become more democratic in two ways:
  • experiment different policy options through impact visualisation
  • by using the resulting visualisations to engage and exploit the collective intelligence of the players of mobility with a view to developing collaborative solutions.
By working with three cities to address societal issues linked with smart mobility and city planning. The goal of this is to enable public authorities to respond to urban challenges by enhancing the policy making proces with the possibilty of a three phaes experimentation in the policy cycle consisting of:
  1. conception
  2. implementation
  3. évaluation
This project has received funding from the EU Horizon 2020 programme for research and innovation under the ID no. 769608