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14 November, 2018 by
Macq, Adm

Ben Weyts (NVA), Flemish minister of Mobility, plans to install new ALPR cameras in the first half of 2019 to detect and fine truck drivers that overtake in rain weather conditions (source: DS, 10/11/2018).  Macq engineers, leaders in mobility innovation, are already developing the dedicated M3 module that wil make this possible.

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How it works

Trucks typically drive in a colonne at approximately their (limited) maximum speed of 90 km/h on highways. In Belgium, during wet weather conditions (rain, snow), they are not allowed to overtake for safety reasons (wet spray). Macq ALPR cameras can easily classify vehicles (trucks, busses versus cars and motorcycles) and obviously identify and register them via Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR). A redundant set of rain sensors wil activate the system. 

Two (or more) cameras will supervise a certain trajectory, similar to e.g. the average trajectory speed measurement systems. If for instance 2 trucks pass the first camera, the order in which they pass it wil be registered (truck A before truck B). If truck A then completes the trajectory in a plausible, expected time (did not stop, normal speed) but truck B still passes the second camera first (truck B before truck A), this means that B overtook A in the trajectory. The driver of truck B is thus a candidate for a traffic violation.

(Photo credit: pn for DS, 10/11/2018)

Macq, Adm
14 November, 2018
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