Macq redefines smart mobility in Namur
by deploying the first integrated multimodal software platform in Wallonia
6 November, 2018 by
Macq, Adm
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Strategic partnerships...

Macq is proud to announce that, in close cooperation with our trusted partner ENGIE Tractebel, we have once more gladly accepted a very ambitious project to redefine the bench marks for smart mobility. This time, we will deploy our expertise in Namur (Namen), one of Belgian’s major cities. This is excellent news for the citizens and commuters in Namur, who have been undergoing the pressure of heavy traffic in their beautiful medieval city center for too long. They will now get access to real time data, coming from an integrated and very intelligent transport system. Not only will the available roads be used in a better and more efficient way in order to reduce travel times. The idea is also to gradually but radically change the behavior and habits of commuters by offering them a series of ready-available alternatives to the use of their car in Namur-city.  

...result in ambitious ideas and goals 

Obviously, we are once more delivering our well renowned and proven hardware technology, such as i.e. 32 cutting edge ALPR camera’s that will be installed in and around the city to generate the necessary input data for the system, along with other data sensors and data retrievals from Namur mobility players (public transport, bicycle, taxi, parking providers...) as well as a series of external traffic data (e.g. Google). But the real multimodal power is off course brought to the system by our intelligent and modular M3 Macq Mobility Manager software suite, that can translate this magnitude of data into real-time usable information and make it effectively online available for all users via a user-friendly website.

The captured data will automatically be used to manage traffic flows through the city strategically. Drivers will be informed via dynamic signs of traffic congestion on their journey and the remaining time to their destination. Similar signs on crucial points and at bus stations will provide information on different alternatives (bus wait times, parking capacities, bike availabilities, etc). By making the information about mobility transparent and in real time accessible, both residents and visitors will be empowered to make a smart choice from all available means of transport in order to be able to reach their destination in the most efficient way. They will also be guided to make the journey by using a combination of different means of transport.In this way, fewer cars will travel endlessly through the city, fewer traffic jams will be created and drivers will no longer hinder the passing traffic because they are looking for a free parking space. All this will ensure a measurable improvement in air quality and general well-being for everybody in Namur.

Macq, Adm
6 November, 2018
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