M3 Complex Queries and Black List modules prove to be extremely effective
Police stop criminals in their tracks using tailor made M3 modules
14 November, 2018 by
Macq, Adm
Police and law enforcement, using our Macq state-of-the-art ALPR (Automatic Licence Plate Recognition) cameras in combination with our dedicated and very powerful Macq M3 software suite modules, such as the 'black list' and 'complex query' options, have abundantly proven to be highly effective in the fight against crime. Police detectives are extremely enthusiastic about the new high tech tools at their fingertips, that almost automatically generate unambiguous, immediate proof in their fight against crime. Hundreds of recent successful arrests range from people that elope (drive away from) traffic accidents, over burglaries to homejackings, arson and even kidnapping, rape and murder cases. Police chiefs say that ALPR cameras (and the extremely powerful software suite M3) helped them solve over 50% of the cases in their jurisdiction area in recent years.   
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How it works

ALPR cameras, that are often primary used for e.g. red light supervision or trajectory speed control, generate a vast amount of images of passing vehicles (98% recognition hits). These are automatically processed (at camera level), transmitted to the central database and classified: license plate, but also mark, model, type and color are registered by the most recent generation of Macq camera's. The large database (big data) only becomes a powerful tool when it is immediately accessible and easily manageable. User friendly, but smart, complex queries isolate and identify the candidate violators (criminals). The black list option 'alerts' all other camera's and this empowers the police detectives and teams in the field to locate, intercept and catch the criminals red-handed, sometimes with aid of our 'experts' who help them design the complex queries that recognize patterns and as such isolate the violators from the large image database. Old school criminals are dumbfounded by the speed they are caught. And newspaper pages get filled with these succes stories. It makes us rightfully proud, so we decided to share a couple recent successes with you...     

A 'hit and run' solved in only 3 hours!

Only last week, a cyclist, although riding on a bicycle path separated from the main road, got hit by a passing car and was severely injured. The car driver fled the scene. A witness who attended to the injured cyclist recognized the model of the car, but did not record the license plate. Since the exact time of the accident was known, the police could easily search the camera images from an ALPR camera nearby (database records in that time slot) and isolate the cars of that make (smart query). Based on the license plate data, the violator was apprehended at home only a few hours later, with his damaged car still in his garage. (picture credit: Bert De Deken, DS, GVA, 11/11/2018)

Case closed, no further investigation needed (and a lot of tax money saved)!

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Burglars caught red-handed!

A burglar with a (foreign) license plate was at 'work' in a quite neigborhood. When he drove away from the victims' driveway, he was spotted by an attentive neighbor. Only when the witness discovered his neighbors' damaged house door, he called the police. He only remembered a small part of the license plate and the nationality on the burglars' car. The Macq M3 'smart query' used wildcards for the missing characters of the license plate and predicted a plausible trajectory to the nearest highway. Sure enough, our Macq LNPR camera in that area automatically spotted and photographed the burglars' car (98% recognition hits). The full license plate was then entered into the 'black list' system and other LNPR camera's started following the car, automatically alerting police dispatchers of its whereabouts. The burglar was dumbfounded when he was swiftly intercepted and caught red-handed with the loot still in his car, even before he made it to the border. Case closed, no further investigation needed!        

A murder investigation break through induced by our Macq LNPR camera's

 When a house jacking and murder investigation hit a dead end due to the lack of material leads, the detectives asked Macq M3 experts to help them out. Our  expert programmers designed a very smart query to recognize patterns in the data registered by some LNPR camera's many miles away from the murder scene. By e.g. recognizing and then eliminating the normal, frequent local traffic (usual patterns) from the 'big data', a certain amount of vehicles with an unusual origin-destination behavior could be filtered and isolated. By refining the smart query step-by-step, the murderer was found to be the only one to have scouted the murder scene area with two different self-owned cars at different times, for which he could not give a plausible explanation (alibi). He was furthermore known by the police. It was the ultimate break through the detectives needed...        

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Macq, Adm
14 November, 2018
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