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5 November, 2018 by
Macq, Adm



The modular M³ platform (software suite) has become the playground of our expert community

The use of high-performance cameras is an important part of the solution, but it is even more important to also have a suitable processing platform, capable of taking advantage of this huge collection of data and transforming it into useful information for end-users. That is why Macq, in addition to its’ high-resolution ANPR camera products, developed the M³ platform (pronounce ‘M- cube’); a truly innovative concept for managing large ANPR databases. The modular M³ suite can very easily be adapted, tailored and upgraded to all current and future needs of our most demanding customers in the field. Via the integrated M³ toolbox we provide our customers with fully modular and adaptable functionality and provide the end-users with tailor-made applications that offer a great flexibility of interfacing with third party systems through a wide range of popular web services (e.g. Google Maps). As such we can make data online and in real-time available to all stakeholders, also citizens, with reliable discretion and respect for their privacy.

But we decided to kick this still a bit further: Instead of tailoring this powerful tool to the exact needs of our clients (which we still do), we opened a back office (help desk, education) and provide licenses to all experts that want to use and adapt it further. These experts are universities, mobility engineering companies, traffic analysts, technology partners, our most demanding clients and even private programmers. Especially in the business areas of Security (police and law enforcement) and Mobility.

Community members typically share their knowledge (open innovation), develop new functionalities and/or design their own applications (modules) to be able to combine their own real-time data with our ANPR data and those of already integrated third parties (e.g. Google Maps). You would be surprised by the tremendous power of this knowledge sharing open innovation experiment and -obviously- you are still more than welcome to join or community here or via www.macq.eu

Macq, Adm
5 November, 2018
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