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iCAR CAM5 compact HD ANPR smart camera - 4 lanes - 4G/5G - GPS

- Detect vehicles, objects, persons
- For trucks, cars, busses, motorcycles, bicycles, train, tram
- ADR, make, model, color recognition (embeded A.I.)
- Licence plate number recognition
- Reading reflective and non reflective plates 
- Instantaneous speed measurement
- High-precision pan/tilt
- Remote maintenance

iCAR CAM ANPR product range


Integrating the latest cutting-edge technologies (deep learning-based algorithms), unprecedented number plate recognition capabilities..


Our most well-known and most deployed camera for automatic license plate recognition.

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The all-in-one Doppler based radar solution.

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Car pooling camera system

Our unique camera system for monitoring carpooling lanes and detecting vehicles' passengers.

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G3 Average Speed

The homologated camera for measuring average speed.

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G3 rail

The homologated camera for controlling the safety of railway crossing.
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Some success stories and testimonials

Brussels' Low Emission Zone

Like Berlin and Paris and other cities, Brussels has implemented a low emission zone to improve the city's air quality. Macq technology - with more than 300 iCAR CAM cameras and the powerful Macq Mobility Manager software (M³) - has been chosen for this. Since January 2018 the most polluting vehicles are banned from the Brussels-Capital region. In the first phase, the ban will only apply to very old diesel vehicles. The rules will become more stringent in later years. The progressive implementation of the low emission zone will give individuals and businesses affected by the measure time to replace their old vehicles and adjust their mobility behavior.
Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Belgian Federal Police uses our Cameras & M³ Back Office

The Federal Police is using our cameras, mounted on bridges or on the side of the road, to identify wanted vehicles and take immediate action. Using an tailored version of the iCAR camera, the Federal Police has its own autonomous system for reading number plates which creates a data base of Police wanted vehicles. From the top of a bridge or the side of the road, our camera scans passing vehicles and detects cars wanted by the Police, sends an instant message by radio to a waiting Police vehicle, the Police vehicle then proceeds to pursue the wanted car.


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